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Exercise doesn’t have to be a dirty word.  We are designed to move; it’s an important component of living a full and healthy life, yet more than 60% of American women take no form of exercise at all.

The great news! 

Being fit and healthy doesn’t have to take hours at the gym slogging away on the treadmill or step machine, on the contrary.  There’s an abundance of research to indicate that long, slow cardio can actually hamper your fat loss and overall health goals.  At Pulse, the emphasis is on strength and movement in sessions lasting no more than 20-30 minutes a day that you can do from anywhere, and with little or no equipment.  In fact, work intensely enough and you can get a great metabolic boost and strengthening from as little as 4 minutes after warming up a few minutes.  It really IS that effective, if you do it right.  

You CAN change the shape of your body.

It’s NEVER too late to start moving and getting in the best shape of your life, whatever your age or current level of fitness. I have clients as young as 13, and as old as 63, so age is certainly not a barrier to great health, and the research backs that up.  Numerous studies have shown extreme improvements in strength, metabolism and aging, even for those in their seventies, eighties and beyond, when regular exercise becomes part of someone’s lifestyle.  

You too can reap the benefits of regular exercise.

With the right information and support, you can succeed in creating life-long habits that lead to a strong, confident and beautiful you!


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